Meet BAR’N CO !

BAR’N Co is a dream come true; turned into reality in 2018 by four creative, hardworking souls.

Comprised of two couples residing in Encinitas, California. Already working in the catering industry as professional Bar Tenders - a mobile bar seemed a perfect fit for the coastal bohemian aesthetic, which is forever on the move.

From conception in December 2017, the team began the hunt across various cities to adopt a fitting horse trailer.
After months of searching; in March 2018 they met what was to become BAR’N, a lonely used 1980’s horse trailer which had seen better days.

Over the next 6 months the team drew inspiration from their surroundings - from the Eucalyptus trees in San Diego, to the quirky industrial bars Downtown, and who could forget the awe inspiring modern and sophisticated beach style homes along the coast.
Built by our Team Members Nick and Andy the BAR’N is a true work of art.

BAR’N co believes a bar for any event is the heart to a successful evening. Not only does the Team feel the BAR’N to be the perfect fit no matter the ‘horseshoe’, they firmly believe the servers working for you will ensure a professional, smooth and talk of the town night to remember!

BAR’N Co are pleased to present to your their traveling horse trailer; a true nod to the unique, and party loving residents of Southern California.

We would like to Thank our Friends, Family, Halcyon Building and Rancho Autobody for your help along this journey.