Meet Bar’n and Co!

Comprised of two couples residing in Encinitas, California.

Bar’n Co is a dream come true; turned into reality in 2018 by four creative, hardworking souls.

Already working in the catering industry as professional Bar Tenders, a mobile bar seemed a perfect fit for the coastal bohemian landscape.

From conception in December 2017 Bar’n co became a reality in March 2018, and over 6 months the team drew inspiration from their surroundings - from the Eucalyptus trees in San Diego, the quirky industrial bars Downtown, to the modern and sophisticated beach style homes along the coast. making the travelling horse trailer a nod to the unique, and party loving residents of Southern California.

bar’n co believes a bar for any event iS the heart to a successful evening. Not only do they feel thE bar’N to be the perfect fit no matter the ‘horseshoe’, they firmly believe the servers working for you will ensure a professional night to remembeR!



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