How much does the BAR’N Cost?
Email, Call or Fill out our online form for your personalized quote.

How Far Does the BAR’N Travel?
BAR’N will travel up to 30 miles from Encinitas, CA for free, after 30 miles BAR’N will charge $1 per mile.

How big is the BAR’N?
12ft Long, 7ft Wide.

My Property is not big enough for the BAR’N Do you have a smaller portable Bar?
Our Team at BAR’N have partnerships with qualified Builders; and can work with you to build your ideal bar, based on your budget. Alternatively we do have our own smaller portable bar for hire, and can send imagery for your viewing.

Does BAR’N supply the liquor?
BAR’N is a dry bar based on Californian law and cannot supply liquor. However, BAR’N will create a thorough shopping list with recommendations including - keg sizing, cocktail menu and Beer + Wine Pairings.

Which way does the bar face?
We have built the BAR’N to face which ever way you desire! With a removable peg board, you can choose from serving on the left or right or even have both windows open!

I have a certain style for my wedding, I am very particular on the glassware I want is this okay?
Of course! We can work with you to make sure our styles align, including exterior and interior decorations.

Is the BAR’N insured?
Yes we have full General and Limited Liability insurance.

There is no electricity where I would be putting the BAR’N, how will you light it up?
If need be, BAR’N can organize a generator at an additional cost.

Is the Black and Cream 1972 Ford Truck also for hire?
Betsy has appeared in many photo shoots and is available for stand still hire.

Do you offer Military Discount?
Yes we do! When requesting a quote please send us a copy of your active or retired military I.D.